We believe that every person has a God given purpose and that how they use their money will either serve as a catalyst in fulfilling that purpose or as a culprit in sabotaging it.

Good financial planning is the difference in which potential outcome becomes reality. A wealthentic life is the result of connecting your WEALTH and your authentic WHY and then maintaining that connection over time.

We help people lead wealthentic lives.


HONOR: Love your neighbor as yourself and do the right thing, every time

LISTEN: Seek understanding through empathetic listening

DELIVER: Do what you say and follow through

STEWARD: Leave it better than you found it

DREAM: Think big and pursue excellence

Our Services

Vault Wealth Strategies, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser. That means we work directly for our clients on an advise (not product sales) basis. Our clients pay us for advice and service, not high commission investment products. While we offer an array of à la carte services our primary focus is on financial planning & investment management for individuals, families, & business owners. We also provide financial wellness programs and 401(K) plan management for companies of all sizes.

We have worked really hard to build what we truly believe is the ultimate way to serve clients. We hope you love it!


For Individuals, there's our Wealthentic Program. We help people really understand the financial planning process, and then develop a plan with them that connects their purpose to that plan with easy steps they can start taking right away to achieve their goals.

Connecting your wealth with your why
Align Your Wealth & Your Why


For Companies, we've developed our PLANtED program. We help business owners reduce their employees’ financial stress and increase productivity through our customized education and holistic planning program.

Every Person Has a Why

And here's ours

We love people.

We want to see people lead impactful lives and for the world to know they were here.

We believe that how people relate to and use their money will greatly impact the influence of their life story.

We would love the opportunity to learn more about what you want your story to say!

Meet The Team

Luke Milholland, CFP®,ChFC®,CLU®

Luke is the founder of Vault Wealth Strategies and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®). He loves business and enjoys working with those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

He is passionate about helping people relate to their money in a positive and more meaningful way, and to see them align their finances with what they truly value. He is married to Whitney and they have 4 kids: Jax, Truman, Selah (in heaven), and Rayna. They are active in their church community and have a passion to help family units thrive.

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Hi, I’m Luke!  My wife Whitney and I have 4 kids: Jax, Truman, Selah (who is in heaven), and Rayna.  We live south of Norman on a horse ranch.  I grew up training & showing horses, although these days I don’t get to ride much.  When I’m not at the office I am most likely chasing kiddos! If you have 3 or more young kids you know what I’m talking about, and if you have brothers that are close in age then you REALLY know what I mean!   Our main hobby is trying to get places on time without forgetting anything (don’t worry…we won’t be quitting the day jobs anytime soon). We are actively involved in our church.  I am a member, and have served on the board, of NormanNEXT and am a member of the National Reining Horse Association.  Other things I enjoy are books, road trips, discovering new places to eat, guitars, OU Athletics, dri-fit shirts, and growing beards.  

I feel super blessed to do work that I truly enjoy, and think it is really an honor to get to serve people in the capacity that I do.  I spent nearly 10 years working for two of the largest financial services institutions in the country.  It was great experience and I learned so much during that time.  Being independent, however, has allowed me the great joy and peace of mind of knowing that we can adapt quickly to the needs of our clients and that our only concern is their best interest.

I hope that we get a chance to hear your story sometime soon.  If I can help in anyway please let me know!

Craig Wilson

Craig works with clients to develop their personal financial plans.  His unique approach of combining his experience as a Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt with actionable financial concepts helps clients achieve their goals with confidence & efficiency.

Craig approaches his work with a missional zeal, and is passionate about financial literacy and helping clients steward their finances well.

He and his wife, Kat, have 3 kids: Mason, Janie, & Garrison.  They love kids and are very involved with the children's ministry at their church.

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Hello! My wife Kat and I have 3 lovely children: Mason, Janie, and Garrison.  Kat and I have a passion for children’s ministry and are heavily involved with our church.  God has blessed me so incredibly much with my family!  He has taught me so many life lessons through them and others around us, and by combining those lessons with a passion for finances and helping people, God has called me to the financial industry.  I am definitely aware of my strengths and know how to maximize them to not just meet the financial needs of our clients, but to ensure we are all being good stewards on this earth!  I graduated from MidAmerica Nazarene University (Olathe, KS) with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science where I honed my abilities to be detail oriented and a creative problem solver.  I hold a certification as a Strengths Coach with the Nazarene Strengths Institute as well as a certification as a Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt from the University of Oklahoma Lean Institute.  I am also actively involved in Kingdom Advisors where I get to network with other advisors and ensure we are all applying biblical principals to our businesses.

I spent my initial year at one of the largest financial service institutions in America and quickly learned that I want to truly holistically serve my clients.  At Vault Wealth Strategies we have the ability to do just that, while providing truly unbiased advice that is in your best interest.  It is my daily goal and prayer that I live by the “golden rule”: To treat everyone like I want to be treated.  That is why my only focus is to work in the best interest of our clients, because that’s exactly what I would want!  Whatever your goals and story may be, it is my job to ensure you live into those financially.

I look forward to meeting you and getting the opportunity to exceed your expectations!

Derek Dorris, M.Ed.

Derek is a forward thinking, resourceful, loyal leader. Proven winner that embraces pressure and competitiveness to help shape unified teams. Perceptive and personable, he believes active listening to be a key component in creating trust and open communication. Educated, analytical, and determined, he feels success is an ongoing pursuit built on intentional focus and persistent action.

Derek works with clients directly to build plans that help clients achieve the goals that are most important to them. He has his Masters in Education and has the heart of a teacher. Derek is passionate about helping people become the best versions of themselves.

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My name is Derek Dorris.  I haven been married to my wife, Tiffany, for 22 years.  We have two daughters, Molly and Ava.  We are actively involved in our church in the Oklahoma City area, and we both have public teaching experience. I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Math Education degree from Southern Nazarene University (1996) and a Master’s of Arts Degree in Educational Leadership from Southwestern Oklahoma State University (2013).  I have 17 years of experience of teaching math at the secondary and collegiate level and close to 3 years of experience in the financial service industry.  I am also a former collegiate basketball coach who enjoys staying active and watching my daughters participate in their local school and church events.  I am also an avid Sooner and Thunder fan.

I really enjoy helping people save, plan and invest their money in the most suitable and efficient manner.  I look forward to our team approach of helping and coming alongside our clients as they set and accomplish their financial goals.

Who We Work With

  • Health Care Professionals
  • Business Owners
  • Attorneys
  • Equine Professionals
  • Oil & Gas Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Engineers
  • IT Professionals
  • ...and more!
We specialize in transforming healthy incomes into
true financial freedom.
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We are open to working with anyone, but have found that some of our happiest clients are successful professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. The common theme we find among the clients we add the biggest value to are those who have developed a special skillset that has enabled them to earn a good income. The trap is thinking that they can "earn" their way to financial freedom.

While earning a healthy income is a great start, it is just that - a start.  If you are reading this you probably know what I mean.

Often clients come to us when they feel they should be making more progress than they are given their level of income. They are making good money but are frustrated because they aren't gaining the traction they feel they are capable of. They have noble goals, an impact to make, and a legacy to build, but aren't sure what needs to be done to make it all happen. They recognize that while they may have the smarts, they just don't have the time or desire to go at it alone.

Enter Vault Wealth Strategies. We specialize in helping mission-minded world changers who have dedicated their life's work to building & growing service organizations. We help them accelerate that growth and turn their successful earned income into passive and portfolio income so they can invest their life where it matters most.

Getting Started Is Easy


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A detailed proposal based on your current situation and future goals.


Happiness Assured

If you're not happy in the first 90 days, we'll refund any planning fees paid.*

*Planning fees only, does not include asset management fees

What makes Vault Wealth Strategies Different?

We believe the industry is broken, we're here to change that.

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Our Approach

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